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I have been on this earth 50+ years and am still surprised at what I can learn. As one can see from my blog, I am particularly fond of Thinking, Feeling and Living; sometimes with humor, others with seriousness, but always with passion.

Civility in Politics. Where did it go?


I have seen it many times. Go to just about any Facebook page or chat room that discusses politics and you will see folks that would normally be civil in person, spouting vulgarity and insults. It’s the benefit of anonymity, I guess. It’s the same with twitter. Someone evidently put up a bot so that every time Trump posts on twitter, it sends ten posts to push his post off the page.

But it seems we have crossed a serious line. Now there are people protesting at Trump rallies carrying a bag of rocks to swing at peoples heads, or eggs that could potentially blind a person. When did it become acceptable to use fear (read that as terrorism) to prevent or punish people for attending a rally to listen to what a political candidate has to say?

I don’t begrudge anyone an opportunity to listen to whoever they deem worth their time. Why would anyone else? Are people so afraid of what Trump has to say that they need to resort to terrorism to make folks afraid to go listen to him? Are we living in a third world country where intimidation or violence determines the winning candidate in a so-called open election?

I wrote a post some time ago about how our founding fathers would be ashamed of what we have become. This is a good example of why.

If you don’t like Trump, don’t go listen to him. If you don’t like Hillary, ignore her. But, if you prevent others from listening or attending rallies through intimidation, threats or physical violence, that makes you a terrorist.

Our system of government is founded on the principal that the people control the power. We can be civil and still retain the power over who governs this country through the vote.

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Have you ever been stuck?

Have you ever been stuck, unable to put words together even though you love to write?

That’s where I am at this moment. That’s where I’ve been for a while.

I have a story that I need to tell; one that gets in the way of all that I want to say with words on a virtual page. It’s history. It’s one that causes hurt; one that must live on so that a person I loved dearly doesn’t fade into forgotteness.

I always write with a purpose, a practical view that shares something that has meaning to me. I’ve shared many experiences here, but this one needs to be in a place that will survive time. Until I can get those words down, I will remain silent.

Those words bring pain, regret and are the hardest I’ve ever tried to write. Please bear with me. I haven’t abandoned this place of creative outlet and shared experiences, I just need some time to finish getting these thoughts down.

Patience is more than just a virtue. It’s understanding. It’s a friend keeping silent while you share something that hurts. It’s taking the time to listen even if the words are punctuated by silence while the telling is interrupted by tears.

Thank you for your patience.

Passing the Baton


I remember my teenage son coming into my home office one afternoon. I was working on a piece of software and what caught my eye is he sat down in the only other chair in the room. This rarely ever happened, teenagers being teenagers, so I stopped what I was doing and turned my wheelchair to face him.

“I’m thinking about joining the army,” he said. Continue reading

Ten Off


Back in the early 90’s a coworker and I decided to rent a sailboat for a week. We both took all but one shift off (that’s the breaks when you work in the medical field). This is one trip I shall never forget.

The day came and we made the short drive to Annapolis Maryland to where the sailboat was moored in a slip. On the way we stopped to pick up beer, soda and some snacks. When we got there, we had to park a good ways from the boat. Fortunately, they had a cart there we could use to transport the snacks and beverages to the boat. It took 2 trips to get the stuff down to the dock. Continue reading